Vintage Terminal Effect in CSS3

In addition to moving from Jekyll to Middleman for this site, I also wanted to do something special. Something that represented my quirky, geeky, 80s loving, hacker side instead of yet another Bootstrap styled blogging site. I debated between swiping Oran Looney’s Tron theme and one point considered making my entire site act like a console like Anders Evenrud’s demo. However, this could be a huge drain on the resources of any reader’s browsers, especially those on mobile devices.

These issues were being bemoaned to my love Casey McKinnon and my bud Paul right before a screening of Blade Runner: Director’s Cut. They promptly told me to shutup and provided the obvious answer. Just style my header! Which is exactly what I did if you cast your eyes to the top of my site. Or see the demo below (for my dear feed readers):

Technical details on how I accomplished it can be found in this post I did on the Carbon Five blog. I do want to say I sit on the shoulders of giants, in this case Anders Evernud and Lea Verou. And once more thanks for the inspiration Paul and Casey!