New Year, New Site

Hello, 2015! I love this time of year as another chance to kick-off new endeavors. For me, it means refreshing my website and get back into writing.

Many times in the best year, I’ve thought “I really should write a blog post about that” … and never did. There are the occasional code-centric posts I’ve written for Carbon Five but at heart I am still a writer. Writers gotta write though, so this is my go at it.

Going forward then, I’ll be posting my thoughts under two categories:

  • Code - tricks I’ve picked up and ideas I’m investigating in my work with C5, Craft Check, and even this site.
  • Geek - reviews and reflections on comics, flicks, games, and more. With original work thrown in now and then.

So please stick around by following me on twitter, subscribing to my RSS feed, or simply checking in on me now and then. And I always love to hear back from you whether through comments or other means.

Let’s make 2015 a great one! [Insert obligatory Back to the Future II joke here].