100 Days of Story

My 100 Days Challenge; 100 Days of Story

"I'm working on a novel."

That's become my quick response when people ask me what I've been working on, given my aspirations to be a writer.

And I have been.

On several of them.

When I'm not plopped in from of the teevees, tired from a day of work.

Which has all been part of the same problem. I suffer from that particular form of writer's block where I never make the time to write, never focus on what it is I need to do, leave it to when I am too tired to do it and, saddest of all, never get anything out there.

This has been the state of affairs for the past couple of years, with nothing new creatively coming from me since I wrote and produced a short film a couple of years ago. Time for change.

Inspired by friends Nicolle Richard and Bobby Matson and their own 100 days of creative work, I decided to start my own. Every day, for a 100 days, I'll write a short story.

Every day, I'll roll my sets of Story Cubes, gifts from my lovely wife. I'll write a story incorporating the images that have come up, posting the story and a photo of the dice faces to 100 Days of Story a Medium publication I started for the project. You can follow my progress there or on Instagram and my other social links, tagged with #The100DaysProject, #100DaysChallenge, and #100DaysOfStory.

I make no promises on length or quality of the work. Just that I'll get something out.

Wish me luck and pleast to enjoy!

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