Hello, New Year!

Happy New Year, all.

Last year was a good one for our household. I won the IAWTV Awards for Non-Fiction Writing. Made a short film - D.N.E - which won best sci-fi short at Dragon*Con. Was granted a green card, sponsored by my wonderful workplace Carbon Five. And best of all, I proposed and got married to the love of my life Casey McKinnon. Not too shabby.

So what to do this year? Well, let's start some resolutions.

  1. Write a Novel There is a tale that has been brewing in me for a couple of year's now, that in my more innocent years (2010?) I thought could be a web series. But with the inspiration of my friend Liz Shannon Miller publishing her own book, Casey putting out Santa is an Atheist, I am going to get it down and publish it.
  2. Publish an App I am actually already working on a couple of things with the genius known as Barrett Garese.
  3. Run a Marathon I love running, when I do. It's just a matter of finding time. And with a year of experimentation, the best time seems to be early in the morning, on the way to work. It's not the best for getting some sun, but it is the best for getting it done.
  4. Learn to Fight Tied with running is learning new skills. And this year it's going to be fighting. I'm going to stop wasting a Krav Maga membership. And I'm going to learn to sword-fight, if only to be better prepared for CLANG!
  5. Contribute Code As passionately as I love writing, I love coding, and I am lucky enough to get paid for it. And yet I've been very shy about showing my code. Mostly because I KNOW it's not the best. But I am beginning to believe it's good enough. So I'll be maintaining a couple of repos as well as helping making pull requests on Github.
  6. Bonsai my Social Network Finally, I count among the blessings I have in my life the many, many friends I have made and all the ways I can reach out to them. But I have to do a better job of maintaining that tree, not only in ensuring it brings good things to me, but more importantnly that it brings good things to my friends. Tomorrow, I am setting some ground rules for myself to make that happen.

So there you have it. Six "simple" resolutions to abide by. What are yours?

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