Writing Wedding Favors

Much of the magic of our wedding was due to the massive pre-preparation of my brilliant and beautiful bride Casey McKinnon; I just stayed out of the way and lent a hand when asked. One of the many great ideas she had was to have Jones Soda with custom labels as our wedding favors. It would be something different and hence memorable.

We selected our flavors and found three pictures we felt represented the depth and range of our relationship. Then came the fun bit for me, the resident family writer: coming up with the label text. On normal Jones bottles the label speaks of the quality ingredients that go into the soda and blah blah blah whatever. I just relished the challenge of coming up with fun little tales about the photo in 300 characters!

So for those who were unable to attend, here are the photos we used, the labels I came up with, and the backstory behind each of them. Hope you enjoy them.

Sugar Cane Cola

It was a battle for the ages. Mexico's two greatest superheroes - El Luchadore and The Killer Bee - fought for days on end with a passion. A passion which turned to love for each other … and the refreshing taste of pure cane cola with no high-fructose corn syrup!

The above photo was taken at the wedding-reception/Halloween-party of our friends Sean Bonner and Tara "Tiger" Brown. Casey and I went with a "Mexican" theme; I was a luchadore and she was a "Killer Bee" from the classic Saturday Night Live sketch. We actually have this photo framed in our home.

Root Beer

Root Beer

Look at the lovely couple. Don't they look wonderful? She's so pretty. And he … well, he's there. But behind those smiles lies a dirty secret. They were already married. Terrible, right? Leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Which can be washed away with the medicinal sweetness of root beer.

It's true! Before our big wedding ceremony we actually had a quickie earlier that year, mere weeks after I proposed. We kept it quiet so as not to remove any "specialness" of the day we were sharing with our family and friends.

Berry Lemonade

That's not an "engagement photo" on this bottle. It's from our honeymoon. Our future selves accelerated it to 88mph and BLAM its back from our future. Except we don't know where we're going; they cropped the photo too tight and blurred the background. Jerks. At least berry lemonade is tasty.

This photo actually was from our engagement photos … but though it was technically BEFORE our wedding it was taken AFTER our first marriage ceremony as mentioned above! The "timey-wimey" nature of all this (a subject very dear to my heart) and the bright, almost radioactive blue shade of the drink inspired the sci-fi tale in the label. Plus, hey, anyway to mention one of the greatest movies ever made!

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