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Follow Friday

A Twitter tradition I have only vaguely dabbled in is Follow Friday; the way people dump the hash tag and a huge list of names turned me off. I like it when they take the time to explain WHY we should follow them. And I was simply to lazy to do it.

Until now.

Here are my five people below 10,000 followers (apart from my beautiful partner Casey McKinnon) I follow and why you should too:

  1. CarbonFive - The great coding crew I work with. I love that I'm the stupidest person in the room, as I get to learn so much everyday, and so can you; we regularly post a lot of practical and innovative development tips, covering everything from Java and Rails, to the latest iP(whatever) tricks.
  2. Eliza Bayne - The looks of Katherine Heigl with the comedic genius of Sarah Silverman, dear 'liza is quite the package of enterainment. Eliza has produced and starred in content of all formats and styles, but it's her twitter messages I love the most; each an injection of hilarity into my day.
  3. Brett Register - the mad, overproductive creator of innumerable web shows. I follow him because he reminds me of myself four years ago (I am an internet dinosaur), except he is far more talented. I also hope that by doing so I can encourage him to twitter more.
  4. Eric Mortensen - Watch him when he goes on a web video advice tear. Deeper words of wisdom you will never hear. All that, and he has remarkable taste in all cultural things. Cheers, my friend.
  5. Taryn O'Neill - Taryn has been an inspiration personally not only with our mutual desire (and her successful accomplishment) of getting fit, but in the way she consistently, professionally, almost procedurally pursues acting work. One day, I hope I can supply her that work.

Photo courtesy of Shovelling Son.

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