My SXSW Panel

Vote for my SXSW Panel: Soapbox Speilbergs


Now the story behind it.

Basically, Tim Shey is a bastard.

When I went over to vote for panels for SXSW 2009, I was surprised to see very few digital film-making panel propositions. What I did see was great, and I tossed my big-time votage to video peers betters Kent Nichols, Ben Cote, and Michael Verdi, among others.

I mentioned it to Tim, NNN's founder and hamster in the wheel that keeps it going. We bounced the idea that we should have submitted a panel about doing effects on a budget, like we do on Galacticast and the talented Erik Beck and Justin Johnson do on IndyMogul. Tim said he could get it on the panel picker; I thought it was great to try, but didn't want to get too excited, so as to avoid disappointment.

Well, the lesson of the day is DO NOT DOUBT TIM SHEY! He did get it on the panel picker. So now I've got to step and make sure it not only gets attention, but also reestablish Galacticast as an entertainment and effects show to be reckoned with.


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