Judging a Video Copyfight Content; Join In!

I am really honored to be among the awesome panelists selected by Michael Geist for his video contest C-61 in 61 seconds. The goal is to create videos raising awareness of the many flaws with bill C-61, commonly referred to as the Canadian DMCA act. The last time they tried to ram this idea down our throats was the subject of the last Galacticast we released, so you know the issue is near and dear to my heart.

Simply put, Galacticast could never have come to be without the fair use and play policies we all execute in our daily lives. The portability of media, the rapid turnaround time, the out and out parodies - all these things would be killed in sad, silent ways if this bill is not stopped. And while I am now thinking that more original content is the future our our brave, little show, it will work under the same principles of openess and fairness that we have always believed in.

To read more about the bill, check out Michael Geist's informative blog and the amazing Facebook group that has grown up around the cause.

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